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NOVEMBER 2020 UPDATE: We are in the beginning stages of planning and brainstorming to develop new and innovative methods to provide key information to the voters of Pelham, NH in regards to the upcoming warrant article which will ask the Town of Pelham to renovate and add on to Pelham Memorial School.

We will be holding regular meetings via Zoom and the meetings are posted on our Facebook events feed. All are welcome!

We are headed up by the 501c3 Non-Profit Group, Pelham ACES. Which was formed over a decade ago to provide "Awareness for Community and Education Support".


Concept Design & Proposed Floor Plan

The proposed design will add appropriately sized spaces for the gym, cafeteria, STEAM, library, music, health, guidance, and special education. The enclosed courtyard will be secure and accessible for multiple purposes. The corridor in the back of the building will provide additional access to the Family and Consumer Science classrooms, which will alleviate the congestion and noise in the main hallways.

The entrance and "Town Square" will provide ample space for community activities.

See more: October 2019- Information Night PDF (Design Concept)

Concept Design Pelham Memorial School NH

How Can you Help?

There are multiple ways to get involved and most of them are free!

You can help first and foremost by gathering facts and simply bringing them up in conversation around town.

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You can join our group and attend some or all of our planning/brainstorming meetings.

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You can attend our upcoming meetings and events.

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You can simply just VOTE on March 2021!

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