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The PMS Building Project will get underway this summer. You will start seeing work happening around the school soon after July 1. Here are some key details for families. 

  • Next year (2021-22) the core set of classrooms will be the same.

  • The primary construction next year will be the new gym, music/band, and art spaces as well as the science labs.

  • Air conditioning will be installed but not until the 2022-23 school year.

  • In the second year of construction (2022-23) all current classrooms will be renovated.

  • With these changes, Pelham Memorial School will officially be a middle school! 

  • The construction work will require a new access road, which will be near the cemetery. 

  • For next year, students, staff, and parents will continue to access the school on the elementary school side. 

We are headed up by the 501c3 Non-Profit Group, Pelham ACES
which was formed over a decade ago to provide "Awareness for Community and Education Support".

Problems & Proposed Solutions

PROBLEM: Deemed by the Department of Education as an Upper Elementary School.
SOLUTION: Obtain Middle School classification with the addition of STEAM and Family and Consumer Science classrooms.

PROBLEM: Undersized Library/Media center, band, health and music classrooms in portable units. Use of portables is a safety compromise.
SOLUTION: Creation of library, band, health and music classrooms inside the building.

PROBLEM: Building is not energy efficient, outer walls have no insulation.
SOLUTION: Updated building shell, classroom walls, and heating and ventilation systems, improving energy efficiency.

PROBLEM: Undersized gym and cafeteria with non-ADA compliant serving area.
SOLUTION: New regulation gym with stage, storage, and increased capacity for community use. Appropriately sized cafeteria and ADA compliant food prep/serving areas.

PROBLEM: Crowded and inefficient drop-off and pickup areas for busses and cars.
SOLUTION: Dedicated bus loop and added parking areas.

PROBLEM: Multiple ADA compliance issues including restrooms, lack of elevator, and locker rooms located underground.
SOLUTION: Bring building to ADA compliance by upgrading restrooms, adding an elevator, and relocating locker rooms to ground level.

PROBLEM: Space and privacy issues limiting the ability to address special education and guidance needs. Some of these spaces are in converted closets without windows.
SOLUTION: Dedicated and appropriately sized special education rooms and guidance offices with up-to-date therapy equipment.

PROBLEM: No collaboration spaces; essential for best middle school practices.
SOLUTION: Addition of “team” rooms and collaboration spaces.

PROBLEM: Outdated and inefficient science classrooms, sinks, and labs.
SOLUTION: Updated science classrooms with modern labs spaces.

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Tour of Memorial School

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Images of Pelham Memorial School

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More details on the current issues throughout the building can be found here

Concept Design & Proposed Floor Plan


The proposed design will add appropriately sized spaces for the gym, cafeteria, STEAM, library, music, health, guidance, and special education. The enclosed courtyard will be secure and accessible for multiple purposes. The corridor in the back of the building will provide additional access to the Family and Consumer Science classrooms, which will alleviate the congestion and noise in the main hallways.

The entrance and "Town Square" will provide ample space for community activities.

See more: October 2019- Information Night PDF (Design Concept)

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You can help first and foremost by gathering facts and simply bringing them up in conversation around town.

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