Current Building Issues

The Pelham Memorial School was built in 1965. It has been a sturdy and trusted steward of our community, educating thousands of Pelham children. We are grateful, however in order to deliver an education that is innovative and inspiring for this generation the building needs additional space, upgrades, and renovations. We, as stewards of the community, must decide if we will provide a building that is modern, energy-efficient, and able to deliver a quality education without the current compromises.

For that reason, on March 9, 2021, the Pelham School Board will present a warrant article for a major renovation and addition to the Pelham Memorial School. This is necessary in order to meet the needs of a modern middle school program supporting grades 6-8.


  • The external walls of the classrooms are not insulated, creating hot & cold pockets inside most classrooms
  • The building does not have a library or a band room – these are housed in modular units along with health class
  • Speech/Occupational/Physical Therapy rooms are inadequate for the number of students who require these services
  • Special education classrooms are directly above a music room area and are insufficient
  • Guidance area lacks necessary privacy and configuration
  • Lab classrooms are insufficient for teaching needs
  • Art room lacks proper ventilation
  • Some rooms are converted storage rooms, and do not have windows
Ocupational Therapy in a windowless closet space
Broken, leaking sink
This AC runs year round because the kitchen is below

Cafeteria & Kitchen

  • Does not have window shades to protect from glare and heat
  • Ventilation is inadequate throughout the kitchen and cafeteria
  • Heat produced from the cooking appliances is not adequately vented so it flows into the cafeteria
  • The kitchen lacks sufficient storage for food and supplies
  • The mats for cheer and wrestling are stored in the cafeteria and cause crowding of tables
Gym mats are stored in cafeteria, making it much smaller
Undersized cafeteria
Broken and missing blinds cause overheated spaces


  • Lacks enough seating for school-wide assemblies, as well as events involving students, staff, and parents
  • The gym is also inadequately ventilated – has been known to reach 108 degrees
  • The space lacks adequate storage, causing an overflow of chairs, mats, and sports equipment into other areas
  • The area surrounding the basketball court is insufficient for spectators
  • The stage is insufficient in size for the band and chorus
  • The stage is often used as a classroom space
  • The physical education office is a converted closet, lacking direct light and adequate ventilation
Undersized Gym
Undersized Gym
Stage used for storage or classes

Locker Rooms

  • Facilities are outdated and underground
  • Locker rooms have only one point of entrance/exit (a stairwell)
  • This stairwell is shared by the boy and girls
  • There is no emergency exit in the boy's locker room
  • There is only a shared hallway separating the boys' and girls' locker rooms
  • They do not contain enough lockers or seating (benches) to service the number of users
  • The locker room restrooms are only usable by 1 student at a time due to lack of stalls
  • Showers are insufficient in quantity and privacy and are failing due to age of the facilities
1 toilet in girls locker room
Boys showers, not utilized
Boys locker. Lacking space for benches or changing areas for privacy


  • Overall, storage is lacking in the building
  • Tables and chairs need to be stored in the hallways
  • Classroom storage space is lacking, with teachers sharing space or using carts for teaching materials
  • Lack of storage for band instruments, whether student or school-owned
  • Mats are stored in the cafetera
  • The stage is used for storage
  • There are only a few cabinets in the classrooms
  • Former closets have been converted into classrooms and conference rooms
Lack of storage
Lack of storage

Hallways Restroom & Stair

  • Narrow (single-file) hallways leading to restrooms
  • Some stairways are off-limits due to the noise they cause to surrounding classrooms
  • There is no elevator. Heavy items have to be carried one by one to the second floor
  • Students who cannot use the stairs must travel on a lift, which closes the entire stairway when in use
  • The restroom facilities are in poor condition due to age
  • The only ADA accessible restrooms are in the nurse's office and between the gym and cafeteria
  • ·Students in class in the modular units must wait for the main building to be unlocked to use the restrooms
Boxes have to be hand carried up stairs
Off-limits stairway. Too hollow and echoes loudly.
Narrow hallway to restroom, not ADA compliant

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